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Flagstaff BWW Supports Local Girls All-Star Softball Team

Over the last two weeks the Flagstaff store had the opportunity to support our local  ( age 12-13 ) Girls All-Star Softball Team as they won the State Championship for the first time ever. The team also went into the National Tournament to try and win a bid to the World Series of Soft Ball.

Flagstaff’s Buffalo Wild Wings were the only folks in town to figure out how to stream the games in this National Tourney being played in California. They were able to play the games and packed the restaurant fully with locals, Aunts and Uncles, Grandmas and Neighbors of these girls playing their hearts out on ESPNplus .

BWW saw an organic way to solidify that we are the LOCAL Choice for All Sports Viewing.

We made a Welcome Home Party in front of our Flagstaff Store with two huge sheet cakes I was able to get donated to us, a poster making station, and an NAU Athletics Table. We were also able to get the local News paper out, TV station, and free radio ads about the event.

200+ folks showed up to express their admiration and love for these girls.

We made front page of the paper, and are all over Facebook here with thanks from the local community.