Donations and Sponsorships

Eat Wings. Raise Funds.

With the Eat Wings, Raise Funds program, when you dine, we donate.  After completing and submitting an Event Request Form to your local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, a representative will contact you to discuss details and confirm the date of your event.  You will then be emailed “tickets” to print and distribute to anyone you wish to invite to your fundraising event.  Those dining for your cause should present their “tickets” to their server.  Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10% of all sales (exempting alcohol and promotional discounts) from the event to your organization.  Approximately 30 days after your event, the location at which your event was held will have a check of your funds raised ready to be picked up by a representative of your organization.  Events take place for two hours between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Mondays or Wednesdays. This program gives you the opportunity to rally support of the community and promote the cause for which you are fundraising!  Forms to get started are available by clicking on the logo below, or complete the online form here.


Home Team Advantage

Our goal is to help make our local community the best place to live, work, play and dine. Our Home Team Advantage program is a great opportunity to raise money all while eating great food. After completing and submitting an Event Request Form to your local Buffalo Wild Wings, a representative from our location will contact you to discuss the time frame of your fundraiser. You will be given a personalized Buffalo Wild Wing’s® Coaches Card upon the start of your 90 day fundraiser. This card entitles you to a complimentary entrée up to $10 at Buffalo Wild Wings® each week during the playing season. Buffalo Wild Wings® will donate 10% of the final sales at the end of the 90 days (less alcohol and promotional discounts). Approximately two weeks after your event has ended we will have a check ready for you to pick up at our location. Forms to get started are available at your local Buffalo Wild Wings, or complete the online form here.

Player of the Week Programs

As a way to acknowledge the accomplishments of your student athletes and express your pride to the community, we invite you to take part in our Player of the Week program.  Each week, a team player of an in-season sport who is selected by your school to be recognized will receive a $10 gift certificate, excluding the purchase of alcohol, courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings.  Additionally, the player will be featured with congratulations on the digital display boards at your local BWW.  This is an excellent way to honor your athletes and promote the involvement and support of your school’s community in high school sports!  We are happy to work with you to customize the offer for your school’s preferences.

Car Washes

Select locations are available to host car washes for the organization that is in need of a little extra fundraising.  Car washes are held outside Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants on a scheduled Saturday or Sunday of your choosing.  Buffalo Wild Wings provides water hookups as well as “10% off” cards to be distributed by those coordinating your car wash.

School Achievement Certificates

As a way to congratulate the accomplishments of young scholars, and provide incentive for educational progress, Buffalo Wild Wings invites you to use our Student Academic Achievement Award certificates in your school.  Students selected by your school staff to be recognized will receive one free Kid’s Meal, courtesy of their local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.  Certificates can be awarded on any basis of criteria your school chooses, such as “Perfect Attendance,” “Student of the month,” etc., and are easily customized to suit your school’s preferences.

Gift Certificate Donations

Buffalo Wild Wings is committed to contributing to the local communities of which we are proud to be a part.  Gift certificates make great donations for local events such as Raffles, Silent Auctions, Booster Events, Festivals, School Functions, etc.  Number and value of gift certificates may vary with each event.  Our representatives are happy to work with the coordinator of your program to arrange an appropriate contribution.


We are always happy to hear about opportunities to sponsor your athletic team or school event.  Contact a representative of your local Buffalo Wild Wings to discuss the possibilities!

Owner Larry E. Tipton has created a scholarship for working students at Ohio University Lancaster/Pickerington. Read the article here.

To request donations or more information, please contact Angela Krile or Kristen Renard.